Genelec 8030C Near Field Monitor

A consistent best-one, the 8030C sits in the perfect sweet spot of big monitor performance and small footprint. It offers precise imaging and staggering detail, but can go louder and lower than its smaller siblings – making it the perfect choice for slightly larger spaces.

Yamaha HS8 Monitors

The Yamaha HS8 active studio monitor will help you make better-sounding recordings. Yamaha’s nearfield monitors with their iconic white-coned woofers have been ubiquitous in top studios worldwide ever since the original  hit the scene in the late ’70s.

PreSonus 1824C Audio Interface

The Studio 1824c operates at up to 192 kHz for ultra-high-definition recording and mixing. High-quality converters on every input and output and eight of 

PreSonus Studio Channel

PreSonus Studio Channel “Impressive headroom and a huge variety of fat sounds. Fast, smooth, musical VCA compression. Sweet three-band EQ—before or after the compressor.”

Tube Preamplifier System

Designed as the ideal preamp for any application, the tube driven TPS II and DPS II add warmth and texture to any audio source.

PreSonus Faderport production controller

the FaderPort handles what you really want to get your fingers on: your mix. This is DAW control the way you always hoped it could be!

Arturia MIDI Keyboard Controller 61 keys.

Music is at the heart of the KeyLab Essential 61. From the responsive synth-action, velocity-sensitive keyboard to the intelligently assigned controls, you’ll feel like everything just falls perfectly into place

Neumann TLM-102 Condesor Microphone

A true Neumann at an affordable price. Big sound in a small package.
Large-diaphragm microphone with cardioid directional characteristic

Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone

 ONE MICROPHONE FOR EVERYTHING – Studio Recording, Home Recording, Podcasting and Streaming.

Shure SM57

A snare crack. An arpeggiated chord. A powerful saxophone solo. Whether on stage or in the studio, the notes that flow from your instrument connects your audience on a visceral level.

SM58 Legendry Microphone

 If you’ve ever heard someone sing or speak into a live microphone, there’s an excellent chance it was an SM58. Rock stars. Pop idols. Comedians. Presidents. Popes. Immortal words have passed through its iconic grille for generations.

Studio Space

Crystal Studio's is a 550 square foot facility with 1 control room, 1 live rooms, and 1 vocal booth


The Crystal Studio’s is a team of professional who understand that the best art comes from the best environment. We know that to make great music, you need great surroundings — 


a combination of top-notch gear, comfortable work and lounge areas, a relaxing setting, and knowledgeable, capable staff who can work with artists of any level.


A place without distractions, yet accessible, where development is encouraged and prices aren’t prohibitive, but quality is never sacrificed and clients are treated with respect.

dubbing, in filmmaking, the process of adding new dialogue or other sounds to the sound track of a motion picture that has already been shot.

Full band live sessions & album recording.

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